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Institute of Bioethics, Human Rights and gender, ANIS

Telephone number: 55 61 33431731

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Physical address
Caixa Postal 8011 CEP 70.673-970 Brasilia-DF Brazil

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Caixa Postal 8011 CEP 70.673-970 Brasilia-DF Brazil


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Local/provincial, National, International


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Capacity building, Research, Other


Involvement in research

How is your organisation involved in research
Funding of/ fundraising for research, Funding own research projects, Funding research projects conducted by other organisations, Agenda setting process, Lobbying/advocating to get topics on the nal. research agenda, Conduct health research, Collecting data for research projects, Conducting entire research projects, Facilitating access to research participants, Use of research results, Dissemination of results to other stakeholders, Research Results are used to inform governments