The development and implementation of the Agendas is being conducted in six (6) phases. They are:

1. Collation of background documents
2. Identification of Stakeholders - Researchers, NGOs, Chief Medical Officers/ Ministries of Health Representatives and Community Representatives.
3. Determination of the research priorities using the Delphi Methodology (an iterative process to achieve consensus)

  • Round 1- In the first-round questionnaire, participants are asked to list what they believe to be priority areas of research for each of the CCH III sub-priority areas in that particular Programme Area. Research topics are grouped using common themes. A list of research topics will be generated from the analysis of 1st round of the Delphi.


  • Round 2 – The list generated from the 1st round Delphi will be included in the second questionnaire. Participants are asked to score each topic, using the Council on Health Research Development (COHRED) “Criteria for Research Priority Setting-Mini Module”. The Relevance, Appropriateness, Feasibility and Impact of the Outcome of each research topic listed are scored using a five point scale (5 being the highest score and 1 being the lowest). The maximum score attainable is 20 while the minimum is 4. The mean values will be used to rank the research topics.

4. Validation of the Draft Agendas
5. Implementation
6. Monitoring and Evaluation