Egypt invests in its science
On 1 June, the Egyptian cabinet approved the first post-revolution budget, which boosted science despite the severe social and economic crises gripping the country. Research spending will rise from E£2.4 billion (US$404 million) to E£3 billion in the 2011?12 financial year. The education budget also jumped, by 16% to E£55.7 billion.  
 Egypt-Policy of Scientific Research and Technology
Policy of Scientific Research & Technology  - (pdf, 431.73 Kb)
The Arab Republic of Egypt and the European Union as key partners and, near neighbours, reaffirm their commitment to deepen their political, economic and social relations on the basis of their close cooperation and strategic partnership that has developed in the last few decades and within the framework of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership and the Association Agreement embodying the objectives and principles of the Barcelona Declaration, and complementing its multilateral process.  - (pdf, 120.83 Kb)
 Research Priority Setting International Workshop 2007.
Mechanisms to Foster Mutual Benefits and Priorities in International S&T Co-operation as seen from the Perspective of Egypt  - (pdf, 2630.48 Kb)