Last update: 9 years


 Brochure for ECCT 2010
Brochure for ECCT 2010  - (pdf, 8590.06 Kb)
 Cancer Incidence Report
Nairobi Cancer Registry. Nairobi 2000 - 2002  - (pdf, 1681.33 Kb)
 Clinical Trial Application form
Clinical Trial Application form  - (pdf, 126.42 Kb)
 Guideline for Research andDevelopment ofHIV/AIDS Vaccines
Kenya National Guidelines for Research and Development of HIV/AIDS Vaccines March  - (pdf, 250.93 Kb)
 Guidelines for Ethical Conduct ofBiomedical Research InvolvingHuman Subjects in Kenya
Kenya Biomedical research guideline  - (pdf, 250.93 Kb)