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Information resources
 Assessing the Efficacy of Health Research as a Development Strategy in Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers.
NYU Wagner - COHRED Capstone Project,  - (doc, 733.5 Kb)
 Five Year ENHR Plan 1993-97
Decentralised Unit of ENHR in Benin 
 Health Research for Development in Benin - a Summary
African consultative process, in preparation for the International Conference on Health Research for Development (Bangkok, 2000) 
 Mission to West Africa (Benin, Mali, Guinea, Burkina Faso) on Health Research
September 11 - October 6 
 Rapport de la rencontre sous-regionale de Ouagadougou, 26-28 Février 2001
Réseau Francophone Africaine de la Recherche en Santé pour le Développement 2001 




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