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Regulation Organisations - Last update: 4 years
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Nigeria Instance Clone 10 Health Research Ethics Committee

REC or IRB responsible for ethical assessment of clinical trial applications?
REC 10 cp (cpREC10@nhrec.org)

Organisation administrator's name or contact person
REC 10 admin (adminrec10@nhrec.org)

Telephone number: REC 10 tel

Fax Number: REC 10 fax

Physical address
REC 10 address


Institution website address

Organisation Info.

What is the institutional affilliation of your Organisation


Level of operation

What is the level of operation


Protocols Submission Information

What is the operational language(s) of the organisation

How long in advance should the protocol be submitted to be considered at the next meeting
2 months

If there is any other organisation information you wish to appear on the website, please complete this here
Information supplied by Nigeria's NHREC Registered Online Database http://www.nhrec.net/nhrec/hrec_db.php


Details of Members

Is this term renewable
Not renewable






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