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Ethics Committees - Last update: 6 years
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Comité National d'Ethique pour la Recherche en Santé

Ministére de la Santé et de l'Action Sociale

Professeur Awa Marie Coll Seck

Organisation administrator's name or contact person
Dr Samba Cor SARR (cnrs2008@live.fr)

Telephone number: (221) 33 8694313

Fax Number: (221) 33 8684206

Physical address
Republique du Senegal 4eme étage Siege du Ministere à Fann Residence rue aimé cesaire Street Aimé Cesaire Fann Residence BP 4024 - Dakar Senegal


Institution website address
http://www.sante.gouv.sn; www.healthresearchweb.org

Organisation Info.

In what sector does the institution operate
Public Sector

On what basis does the institution operate

Type of Organisation

What is the institutional affilliation of your Organisation


Level of operation

What is the level of operation



Does your organisation have a dedicated budget for research for health?
Public Sector

What is your current approved annual research budget in US dollar

From what sources does the research budget come?
Fees for Services

Are members of your organisation compensated/remunerated for their work



Does your institution have its own
Telephone, Computer, Internet Connection


Protocols Submission Information

What is your preferred manner to receive protocols
All the above

What is the operational language(s) of the organisation

How often does your organisation convene to consider study protocols

How long in advance should the protocol be submitted to be considered at the next meeting
2 weeks


Details of Members

Are members of your organisation compensated/remunerated for their work

Number of Community Representatives

Number of Qualifield Ethicists

How many REC members are women

What is the term of office for members of the REC
4 Years

Is this term renewable


Training Requirements

Do members of your REC/IRB require specific training in ethics review of research

Is there a requirement for continuous education in research ethics?



What describes the position of the REC/IRB administrator best
Full time


Human resources development

Does your organisation have a dedicated budget for research for health? No

From what sources does the research budget come?: Fees for Services


 Brochure d'information aux chercheurs
Document montrant les procedures de soumission de protocoles au CNERS  - (pdf, 2960.7 Kb)

 Brochure de l'investigateur
Document qui décrit la composition du dossier, les étapes de dépot, et les engagements du soumissionnaire  - (pdf, 1083.78 Kb)

The Ministry of Health and Social Action  is in charge of the governance of health research with the technical support and advice of the Division of  health Research (DR) and the National Ethical Committee for Health Research (CNERS). Since 2009, the Ministry has provided the institutional basis  et legal framework for the strengthening of research capacity on operational research across the national health pyramid. For example, those health programs financed by external fund, have a specific budget to be allocated to research activities. For a protocol to be funded, it needs to fulfill all the requirements set up by CNERS. Another example is that for the year 2010, the Ministry will propose to the Ministry of Finance to activate a specific budget for operational health research.





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