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South Panafrican International

Atamao T. Kane

Telephone number: 228 22 24 42

Fax Number: 228 21 57 06 / 22 20

Physical address
B.P. 1832, Lomé, Togo


Organisation Info.

Type of Organisation
Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO)


Level of operation

What is the level of operation


Main Activity

What are the organisation's main activities
The mission is to promote the health growth and social welfare of children and youth; to assist disadvantaged children and youth to overcome their psychological problems; to work with children and youth in the field of population, family and reproductive health; to enhance the capacity of children and youth, encouraging their involvement in their communities and in environmental issues; to provide children and youth the opportunities for skills training and job creation activities; identification and reduction of social spatial disparities, in particular inequalities between rural and urban areas






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