Democratic Republic Of The Congo

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Institutional Ethics Commission, Bukavu Catholic University

Bukavu Catholic University

Dr Pierre Bulambo (

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Dr Pierre Bulambo (

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Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Chairman: Prof. and Msgr. Pierre Bulambo, Moral Philosophy, appointed by the Archbishop who is an ex officio member of the committee. An accurate description is found in the act signed by the Archbishop. Members are proposed by the university and appointed by the Archbishop. 13 regular members and 2 guest members. In the description given, only 8 members are mentioned and all 8 are men. 4 scientific members from the academic and industrial sectors (health, biotechnology, environment, information technology, law, etc.). 4 specialists in ethics. 4 persons from medical practice. 2 guest members (non-voting) from the civil service. Observers may be invited. 1-year term, but the members have been in office since 2003. Meetings at the university without a designated room. No financing. Each researcher pays 50 USD per protocol. There is a secretariat (1 administrator). Meetings are closed and a report is prepared by the administrator after each meeting. No archiving system. No available annual report. Decisions are made by consensus, or by vote in plenary session when consensus is not reached (relative majority), or by the chairperson, depending on the case (not explained). The protocol is reviewed by 2 persons and the committee then receives a copy. Reviewers' opinions are discussed in plenary session. references Declaration of Helsinki Nuremberg Code “Laws and regulations of the country” Yes. Possibility of stopping the study. Requests annual review or more frequent reviews if necessary. Possibility of a field visit by a third party at the request of the committee. Relations are terminated with receipt of the final report of the study. Dissemination of relevant information. Organisation of public debates on ethical issues and policy. Recommendations are addressed to the government and various actors. Advising of the government and organisations on training matters. Need for financing and logistic support, office equipment Source: NEBRA Final Report 2006 (


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From what sources does the research budget come?: Institutional Grant