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Ministry of Public Health

Ali Hassan Khalil (ministeroffice@moph.gov.lb)

Número de teléfono: + 9611-615716 / 6157

Número de fax: + 9611-645062

Dirección postal
Beirut - Lebanon


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Our Mission

To Improve the health status of the population by ensuring an equitable accessibility to high quality health services through a fairly financed universal coverage. And by addressing economic and social determinants of health through trans-sectoral policies.

The Goals of the Ministry

The Ministry will seek an inter sectoral approach and will cooperate with other ministries, the private sector and the Civil Society in order to achieve the following goals:

1. To protect the health of the population through the legislation and development of health promotion and protection programs.
2. To contribute to the social safety net by playing the role of an insurer of last resort.
3. To improve access to health care, ensure equity in services availability and utilization and protect the health of the more vulnerable groups.
4. To eradicate and control the communicable and non-communicable diseases prevalent in the country.
5. To inform and educate the people in order to promote the adoption of healthy life-styles and food habits.
6. To seek greater and effective participation of people and communities in planning, implementation and evaluation of primary health care and public health programs.
7. To upgrade health facilities including hospitals, primary health care centers, laboratories and all other health institutions at all levels, and link these through efficient referral system.
8. To ensure adequate and reliable supply of safe effective and quality controlled drugs, and promote its rational use
9. To enhance the governance of the health system and improve the quality and the cost-effectiveness of health care services
10. To promote health care human resources development so as to achieve the optimum utilization of health manpower
11. To strengthen health systems research in order to further improve the health services