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 Cancer Research Investment in Canada
Publications describing investment in cancer research in Canada 
 Capturing Innovation to Produce Better Health and Health Care for Canadians - Strategic Plan 2014-2019
CIHR Strategic Plan 2014-15 - 2018-19 HEALTH RESEARCH ROADMAP II: Capturing Innovation to Produce Better Health and Health Care for Canadians  
 CLINICAL TRIAL LIFECYCLE > Trial Initiation (includes requirements)
"Clinical Trials Registry As per G-CanadaCTApps, sponsors should register their clinical trials on one (1) of two (2) publicly accessible registries accepting international clinical trial information and recognized by the World Health Organization: and the Current Controlled Trials International Standard Randomised Controlled Trials Number Register. According to Additional Resource (F), clinical trial registration is not a mandatory requirement at this time." 
 Health Canada's Clinical Trial Database
"The Clinical Trials Database is not a registry, and therefore, it does not contain comprehensive information about each clinical trial. To maximise use of the database and available information, users are advised to link to external resources, including publicly available registries, to obtain further information such as trial objectives and patient eligibility. Note however that not all clinical trials are necessarily registered and thus found in these registries. Health Canada continues to encourage sponsors to register their clinical trials in publically accessible registries such as Clinical and ISRCTN. A Canadian-based registry for cancer trials is also available at Canadian Cancer Trials. Additionally, the search portal provided by the World Health Organization (WHO) can be used to access a central database that contains information about trials registered in several international registries." 
 Mapping Health Services and Policy Research Settings in Canada: Following the Money, the Publications and the Interest
While health services and policy research (HSPR) has an established footing in traditional research settings (e.g., universities, hospitals, research institutes) in Canada, its presence in other research settings (e.g., government agencies, regional health authorities, charitable organizations) is emergent and less well understood. Drawing on data from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation, two Canadian HSPR-focused journals (Healthcare Policy and Healthcare Management Forum) and the Canadian Association of Health Services and Policy Research, we mapped HSPR settings based on three different measures: (1) HSPR-related funding, (2) authorship in Canadian HSPR-focused journals and (3) membership in a professional HSPR association. Our findings suggest that while a significant proportion of HSPR is directly linked to non-traditional research settings, the nature and extent of HSPR activity in those settings are unclear. 
 Registration and disclosure of clinical trials information
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