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Egyptian Drug Authority (EDA)

Egyptian Drug Authority (EDA)


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Medicines Regulatory Authority

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Numéro de téléphone: +202 25354100

Adresse postale
21 Abd El-Aziz Al Soud Street, EL-Manial, Cairo, Egypt

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21 Abd El-Aziz Al Soud Street, EL-Manial, Cairo, Egypt


The Egyptian Drug Authority (EDA) is the pharmaceutical regulatory body of the Egyptian Ministry of Health (MOH) and it is responsible for:

Protecting people's health by regulating safety and quality of pharmaceutical products.
Regulation & legislation of pharmacy practice.
Availability of high quality medicines at affordable prices.
Strategic planning & policy making for the sector.
Setting standards of pharmaceutical services for both hospital & community.
Orchestrating and integrating all reviewing and analysis processes for products' registration, lot releases and market monitoring.
Enhancing public awareness of possible adverse actions of medicines, dangers of drug misuse and warnings against counterfeited medicines.
Supporting programmes for improving pharmacy education and continuous training of pharmacists.
Cooperation with relevant international organizations (such as the WHO) in order to improve standards of pharmaceutical products and practices.
Egyptian Drug Authority Mission/Vision
The Egyptian Drug Authority (EDA) is "an initiative for" an organization within the Ministry of Health that is responsible for safeguarding people health by regulating safety and quality of medicines (human and veterinary), biologicals, medical devices, cosmetics, dietary supplements and pesticides. The EDA has three sub-organizations that work cooperatively and synergistically to assure the achievement of the EDA mission CAPA, NODCAR & NORCB.
Achieve scientific excellence in evaluation and supervision of human and veterinary medicines, food supplements, insecticides, medical devices & cosmetics, for Protection and promotion of public health.
Provide an environment that promotes transparency , mutual respect & trust.