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Medical Research Institute- Alexandria University

Prof. Dr. Gamal El-sawaf (

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Prof. Dr. Mohamed Mohamed Mokhtar (

Número de Telefone: +203 4282331

Número de Fax: +203 4283719

Endereço Físico
165, Horreya Avenue, Hadara Alexandria, Egypt.

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165, Horreya Avenue, Hadara Alexandria, Egypt.


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National government, Research grants, Fees for Services, Own Resources

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Quais são as fontes do orçamento da investigação?: National government, Research grants, Fees for Services, Own Resources


The need for a specialized institution for medical research to address health problems of national concern was recognized in the early 1950's. Plans were subsequently drawn and a presidential decree was issued in 1957 for the establishment of the Medical Institute to be located in Alexandria. This institute was later attached to the National Research Center and the Ministry of Scientific Research.Since its establishment it has been housed in the same building it occupies today at 165, Horreya Avenue, Hadara, Alexandria .The laboratories of the institute were prepared and work in July 1963 as Medical Research Institute.

Since its establishment the objectives of the Medical Research Institute were identified as Clinical and basic research in different fields of medicine , Diagnosis and treatment of special cases including performing difficult major operations , Training of physicians in modern and novel methods of diagnosis and treatment, and introducing such methods to other hospitals and treatment centers and Issuing periodical pamphlets on the latest international medical and scientific achievements and the results of the research.


    The Medical Research Institute, as an academic health-science institution, aims to assume a leading role in providing standardized science-based solutions for health care problems by innovative integration of research, education and clinical care in a way which serves not only the needs of our community, but also across national boundaries.


    The Medical Research Institute is dedicated to enhance its service contributions in the community through:
    • Education with commitment and creativit
    • Research with originality and applicability
    • Health care with high quality and compassion


  • Adopt basic and clinical research programs aiming at improving and solving current medical problems facing our community.
  • Develop postgraduate educational programs which create highly employable graduates capable of contributing to their society and meeting high national, regional and international standards.
  • Conduct continuous professional development programs to enhance knowledge, skills and attitudes of professionals and researchers.
  • Provide a high-quality and cost-effective health care through evidence based diagnostic and therapeutic services.
  • Maintain maximum achievable levels of patient safety and satisfaction through the medical care we provide.
  • Sustain a working and learning environment to our staff and students that promotes teamwork, commitment and professionalism.